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New M2 Product range now shipping!

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mObridge Inc is pleased to announce that it's new M2 range of products is now shipping!

The new M2 range which has been under development for a number of years consists of three different models for both CAN and MOST based vehicles.

The M2.Pro system is the most advanced and comprehensive product for Volkswagen and the MOST fiber optic based cars available on the market today.

The range of products include the M2.Media, M2.Connect and the M2.Pro systems and ranges from basic iPod & USB connectivity, through to a stand alone Bluetooth kit, and finally the full multimedia platform in the Pro complete with complimentary smart phone apps.

"The M2 range of products is a complete ground up redesign based on our experience from our previous popular iPod and Bluetooth interfaces. We've used the latest Parrot FC6000 Bluetooth technology, and all audio and connectivity is now completely digital over USB and Bluetooth" said mObridge director Karl Gladigau. "Our optical fiber MOST products now run a second dedicated DSP processor just to handle all the different digital audio sources syncing onto MOST. "

The M2.Pro system features an advanced iPhone connection, allowing complete Bluetooth media browsing, and is capable of running an external USB hub to connect multiple devices simultaneously. A user could quite easily run an iPod, USB memory device and an iPhone, and have all devices appear on the vehicle's interface - giving the user an unprecedented choice of music at their fingertips.

The M2.Connect now features full Bluetooth streaming and track control, and also provides the user with multiple install options for the streaming interface. In most cases the user no longer has to lose the CD changer in order to get full stereo streaming. mObridge is the only solution to now offer streaming via Sat Radio interfaces in the Porsche, BMW and Mercedes vehicles allowing the user to retain the CDC. "No other Bluetooth kit on the market allows the user to retain the CD changer except the mObridge unit" said Karl.

With the launch of the M2 systems, mObridge has also now released it's Android app - with the iPhone app currently undergoing beta testing. The apps now have the ability to perform software updates on the M2 products with the software automatically prompting the user when new software is available from the mObridge servers.

With the ability to automatically push the new software updates to users, the app removes the need for users to continually check for software updates. The app will automatically inform the user that new software is available for download and with the click of an OK button the software will be downloaded from our serves and into the M2 product.

"Automatic software updates are an industry first, and moving forward we see this as the future of these products as we can ensure all of our customers are kept up to date with software." said Karl.

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