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New MOST Digital preamp software now available!

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Melbourne, Australia, April 15th 2016 – mObridge announce the release of new software for the DA1, DA2 & DA3 range of digital signal MOST processors.


The new UI software has added new compatability for Jaguar MOST based vehicles as well as the ability to adjust mono source gain such as Nav, Phone and Reverse Park sensors.  We have also moved some elements of the UI for a better user experience and larger graphic eq plots.


The new firmware 1.8.0 now adds vehicle specific subwoofer control of Audi and Landrover based vehicles.  There have also been a number of bug fixes across all vehicles.


Please note:  The new GUI 0.4.3 requires the new 1.8.0 firmware for the DA3.  Due to the non-volatile memory changes needed for the new freatures it is necessary to save the current DA3 settings into a file as this new mapping may change the current settings. We reccomend saving these settings before installing the new UI as the new UI will prompt you to software update the firmware of the DA3.


To utilise these features the latest DSP interface which can be found here