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The mObridge Bluetooth, iPod and Auxiliary Input Interface is the most advanced after-market Bluetooth Interface available for many MOST-bus vehicles. It allows the use of the vehicle’s factory controls and display unit, to control and browse the functions of your mobile phone and iPod. By utilizing Parrot Bluetooth Technology, mObridge offers Best-In-Class telephone support for greater than 1,000 supported devices.
The ABT2010 also allows for full control of music from your iPod or iPhone, through the factory CD changer interface. (CD changer retention is only possible on Audi vehicles.)
The additional Auxiliary Input, can be used for other audio sources such as DVD players, MP3 players, or portable Satellite radio tuners.

Bluetooth Features:

  • Fully integrated Bluetooth interface that uses the vehicle's existing displays and controls.
  • Parrot Bluetooth technology for best in class phone compatibility and DSP audio.
  • Retains the vehicle's original dashboard aesthetic.
  • Access to phonebook entries and call lists.
  • Caller ID display, manual dial, and phone book dial.
  • Support for up to 5 paired phones.
  • Hang-up, answer calls, and adjust volume through steering wheel and radio mounted controls.
  • Dial through factory radio keypad (if equipped).
  • Multi-Party conference call support (phone and vehicle dependent)
  • A2DP Bluetooth audio capable (dependent on telephone).

iPod and Auxiliary integration Features:

  • Access to Playlists/Artists/Albums/Genre/All Songs
  • Unlock mode = iPod User Interface mode for manual iPod control with the ability to still track up and down through the factory steering wheel and radio controls.
  • USB iPod charging.
  • Ability to reconfigure browsing categories to sort by all default listings (playlists, artists, albums, genera, all songs) , plus composer, audio-books, and podcasts.
  • Upon starting the vehicle, iPod will resume playing track from last position as long as it remained plugged
  • into the mObridge device while vehicle was off.
  • Full iPod random function through the “All Songs” category.

The mObridge Bluetooth ABT2010 kit comes with the following:

  1. mObridge Bluetooth ABT2010 unit,
  2. Fiber Optic harness,
  3. Wiring Loom,
  4. MOST loop for bypassing existing CDC,
  5. iPod cable (2m)
  6. Auxiliary 3.5mm audio cable.
  7. Beam-forming dual microphone with cable (2m).


Generic Installation Guide for all fiber-optic MOST network products.

Bluetooth User Manual

A guide to solving any issues with Android phones.

ABT2010 Firmware

Firmware can be applied either using an SD-Card or the mObridge Update Wizard.

ProductApp Version NumberLink to fileRelease Notes



Update consists of a two files:
Main product firmware:


Please update Main firmware prior to updating Bluetooth firmware.

Bluetooth firmware (select appropriate one - the wizard software will tell you which you need):

bluetooth_gen1_3.12.fif (Gen 1)

bluetooth_gen2_03.31.08.fif (Gen 2)

Pls note: You must upgrade to ABT2010_02.00.00 for the larger RAM disk before attempting the gen2_03.31.08 file otherwise you will stop your Bluetooth from working permanently.

 Release Notes ABT2010_02.00.00


My phonebook does not download/takes a very long time to download.

At the start of 2012, we are currently aware of an issue related to phones running the Android operating system.  Certain Android phones may take up to five minutes to download the information and some do not download the information at all.  We are currently working with Parrot on a fix for this issue.

In the meantime, a software upgrade to the latest Parrot software version may aleviate the issue all together.

Why does my Porsche display "CD Changer" error?

When the mObridge M2 Pro system is installed it replaces what would physically be two modules; the CD changer and the Telephone units with a single control unit.  However the Porsche diagnostics have been programmed to look for two seperate modules.  The error is easily rectified by the Porsche dealer disganostic tools by coding the CD changer "OFF".  This does not affect operation in any way at all.

Documentation, Firmware Updates, and additional information for this product can be found in the support section.