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MOST iPod, Aux

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The A2010 allows you to seamlessly integrate an iPod and Auxiliary input into your vehicle.

In most cases, the full functionality of your device is available via the vehicle's radio/navigation display and steering wheel controls.

  • Full access and control of iPod music through the vehicle's OEM interface.
  • Aux audio input for connection of any audio source (MP3, DVD player etc).
  • Supports 5V charging to support all iPods.
  • Connection to vehicle via fiber optic MOST bus.
  • Uses vehicle's CD changer protocol to control and browse the iPod music library

The user manual for the A2010 iPod, Aux.

Installation Notes for A2010 a vehicle's fiber-optic MOST network.

Generic Installation Guide for all fiber-optic MOST network products.

A2010 Firmware


Firmware can be applied either using an SD-Card or the mObridge Update Wizard.

ProductApp Version NumberLink to fileRelease Notes


3.2.0Update consists of a single file:
Main product firmware: ipod-03.02.00.fif


Documentation, Firmware Updates, and additional information for this product can be found in the support section.